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My Top 10 – Tweeps to Follow

People I love following on Twitter: 10. My dc Church Family: and there are many of you 9. @BuddyCremeans 8. @DavidCrank 7. @PastorMark 6. @JoyceMeyer 5. @JoelOsteen 4. My Bruthas from anutha mutha @joshgagnon @robwillis72 @chrisgoeppner [i realize i may

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My Top 10 – Leadership Books

10. 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John Maxwell 9. Spiritual Leadership, J Oswald Chambers 8. Circle Maker, Mark Batterson [not necessarily leadership, but inspired my leadership] 7. The Invaluable 15 Laws of Growth, John Maxwell 6. Go Big, Bil Cornelius

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Quitting vs Conquering

Everyday you’ll have a reason to quit or a reason to conquer. One leads to a victim mentality, the other leads to a victor mentality. In Christ, God has already chosen victory for us. Just don’t quit. Instead, choose victory

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A dangerous and unhealthy leader is…

It’s dangerous when… 1. a leader says “God wants me to do [blank]…” but there is zero Scriptural support, zero confirmation from the church, and zero affirmation by leaders over them. 2. a leader or Christian sets out to do

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Responding to Crisis, Critics, & the Call of God #pray4boston

At The Dialogue Church, we are fervently praying for Boston. This Sunday we will be praying for Boston during all services! In the aftermath of these horrific events, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It is OVERWHELMING. It’s difficult to know

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